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Benjamin Smiley Electronica is a seriously powerful album. Full of awesome beats and wonderful vocals like on the song "Crush" that grab your attention and pull you into a world of creative dreamy magic. "Life in Lofi" you can hear the beats pounding on the wall and the lyrics wail as they try to break out daily grind. Armada Named Sound brings it hard on every track, with dark beats that make you dance, sound that paints pictures in your mind and lyrics that open your mind. Favorite track: Midnight at Metropolis.
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This is a collection of songs conceived from 2014 to 2016.
Every song comes from a different subgenera of electronic music, and everything comes together under a lush, heavy and cinematic sound.
Different singers with different timbres and personalities assume the role of storytellers, delivering tales from places you mind find familiar, dreamy, dark or even disturbing.
Treat the songs like you would treat a great movie, and they will work wonders for you!
Enjoy the music
Spiros Maus


released September 26, 2016

All songs were written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Spiros Maus

Marta Karis: Tracks 3,5,6
Bellabeth: Tracks 4,7
Andromeda S: Tracks 2,8
Spiros Maus: additional vocals and Batman voice

"Bubbly" electric bass on track 3 by Kostas Kiriakis.

Mastering credits:
Tracks 1,7 mastered by Gethin John at Hafod Mastering
Track 2 mastered by Jonathan McMillan at Blue Pro Mastering
Tracks 3,4,5,6 mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD Mastering

Cover artwork by Christos Mavridis



all rights reserved


Armada Named Sound London, UK

Armada Named Sound is the music of Spiros Maus. The concept is quite simple: Embrace the whole spectrum of electronic music. Female vocalists with different timbres, range and personalities
sing different songs, and everything comes together under the Armada sound, a mix of multi inspired electronica with a strong cinematic feel and frequent use of the wall of sound technique.
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Track Name: Midnight at Metropolis
This track is instrumental
Track Name: Crush
Fear, shame
Not a game
No one but myself to blame
All this time we're drowning
Hush, don't say a word, put your hands against the wall,
let me see your face, look at your soul.
Hush, don't say a word.
Jouant comme un enfant.

Though the world will keep on turning
Still it feels like I'm returning home
Come the ashes, lust for burning
You crush our bodies, then you crush our souls
On and on

Feel shame
Someone's game
Get some help inside the flame
Find a way to stand it.
Give yourself some hope and just close your eyes
Play with time, they won't be able to fuck your mind
Hush, don't say a word.
Jouant comme un enfant.
Track Name: Toxinsane
Tell me all about your pain
Can’t remember when it all began
Seems like it was yesterday
Life is lost inside what remains
Come tell me all your stories, show me what you see
Let me love your sickness, scare me with your fear
Leave your body, leave your mind
Broken shell, left behind

Noting matters anymore, nothing will remain
You’re just so toxinsane
Sky is right beneath your feet, messing with your brain
You’re just so toxinsane

Welcome to the other side
Keep your head up high, walk with pride
Now it runs inside my veins
All your love, all your pain
No more of tales and wonder, just an endless trip
Always high and wired, walking in my sleep
Leave your body, leave your mind
Broken shell, left behind
Track Name: Life in lofi
Wake me up at sick o' clock, let me paint my face
Meet up with the other ghosts on a crowded train
All of us in uniforms, all of us in use
Making babies just in time for the evening news

Stop giving yourself to this
giving yourself to this
sorry excuse for a life now

Like a fool inside a box, work to have a right
Make your hair and make your nails, maybe fuck at night
Have some poison, have a smoke, live inside a screen
Eat some garbage till you choke, life is but a dream
Track Name: I am
I am not an echo, I am not a dream
Do not hope, do not believe
I am not an angel, I am not a scream
Just a number, but not a thing

Division, hex, the hour’s craze
Assimilation, aggravation, purple haze
The price is met, of skin and bone
A slumber of the mind and a future shown
Envious, hungry, a parasite angry with life
Craving the afterlife
Being nothing but your cravings and desires
Funny way of bringing a knife to a gunfight

I’m the sea, I’m the sky
I’m the people’s need to fly
All the dreams that won’t come true
Just for you
I’m the sea, I’m the sky
I’m the people’s need to fly
All the dreams that won’t come true
Just for you

The sound and the smell of the colour blue
As it is a move, so below
I am the sea, the sky, the people’s need to fly
Maybe it sounds like a dream but it’s true
Have you ever wondered, what would it feel like
To actually be what you want to be
This kind of freedom would blow up your mind
Not being part of the big machine

I am not a monster, inside my skin
There’s no soul and there’s no sin
I am not a story to make you sleep
I am what I wanna be
Track Name: NY
I was sleeping in my neighbour’s yard
I was dreaming when the sun was up
Well I drank a little more last night
So I woke up in my neighbour's yard
I remember dancing in the club
Laughing with the DJ, drinking wine
Everybody jumping up and down
Time was running really really fast

I wanna sing a song with all the world by my side
Sharing my thoughts and hopes whether I laugh or cry
I want a royal affair to get u out of my mind
That’s why I drink all that much, to kill the demons inside
my ceiling turning around, I hear a whispering sound
I think my body goes numb, bring me my medicine now
The music's filling my soul, I wanna dance on the floor
It’s an emergency call, so baby pick up the phone

I don’t know why I woke up here
I must have drunk a little too much last night
I have a headache
Hey, where are my pills??

The time is now I got to get some fun
Playing with a little mouse I love
Write a song about my neighbour’s yard
Smoke a cigarette with all my heart
Track Name: Bittersweet
All the world you see, and all this misery,
just the way we live, and people in their darkest hour.
Then you see a smile, if only for a while,
life is burning fast and people are just passing by.

Vanity is fair when you sleep with it.
Doesn’t really matter if you never fit.
Fear will be lost with the coming of night.
A victory of lust over reason.
Bodies sweat and they become as one.
Whispering a song of chains and love,
so sweet like never before.

All thrill is to be gone, you spend the night alone.
But still you wish you’d feel it, and bittersweet’s the word.

Always break my heart, never be apart.
every night in love, but never to be whole alone.
Track Name: White keys and black silk
Change is coming
Change is water coming from my eyes
Change is coming
Change is water coming from my eyes
Always silent tears, shake the dreamer, wake me from my sleep

Quiet now
In silver eyes and golden dreams, place your faith
In different words we speak
White keys and black silk

And we hope
And we live
And we cope

Vain in silence
Make some noise and still you can't be seen
Know just why you're here
Not to be remembered but to live